Client and student testimonials.

Over the years I've had some great clients and students. Below is some of the amazing feedback that was submitted to me. I am grateful for these wonderful people for putting their trust in me.

Logan Wenger is incredibly gifted, and innovative. He definitely sky rocketed over and above my expectations! I really appreciated his professional and courteous manner and his attention to detail. I felt that he truly cared about producing an excellent product for me, and he diligently answered all of my questions and delivered on all of my requests. Working with him to accomplish my website goals was really a pleasure!

Carolyn Hill,

I am so thankful to have been referred to Logan when I needed help setting up a new blog that would integrate with my existing Mailchimp list. Logan was able to understand the scope of my project and accomplish it with excellence. His communication skills and customer service are impeccable. I will call on him again and highly recommend him for your Mailchimp or mailing list needs.

Jennifer O. White, Author of Prayers for New Brides and Marriage Armor for the Praying Bride, and

Logan Wenger has been the Fredericktown Tomato Show’s website designer and administrator for four years and will continue on as a resource to our organization. Logan has designed our website to be easily accessible to the public and efficient for the board directors to view registration and other customer and public responses and comments.

He designed the registration forms and enabled the website to send responses directly to the coordinator in charge of that particular event, this made it easier for our directors to receive responses and organize the registration information. Logan works quickly when we request a change or addition to our website and is able to communicate clearly with our board and directors.

Bernie Douglas, Fredericktown Tomato Show

Very Pleased

This was my introduction to Logan Wenger, and I was very impressed and pleased with this introductory overview of WordPress. In these eight short lectures I received enough encouragement and instruction to see that this is the route I need to take for my business.

I am looking forward to Mr. Wenger’s other WordPress courses and furthering my education through his quality instruction.

Glenn Betts, WordPress Advantage Student

Terrific presentation of all the little details in setting up and maintaining your website.
Logan, explains in his simple yet informative lessons how to set up all the details that will make your website STUNNING…Thank you Logan

Constance Wade, Power Blogging 101 student

Logan has a smart strategy for building your site & promoting it.

Logan has showed me some great tips on getting things done in a cost effective way. His tips make sense, and whether they are big tips or little idea snippets, they all add up to make your website a marketing powerhouse.

James George, Power Blogging 101 student

Fantastic WP Blogging Training From Scratch!

I’ve been an IT Pro for several years and an Internet Marketer using WordPress Blogger for two years now and I found this training to be ridiculous valuable. This course will shed off at least one full year of learning all these shortcuts and useful tips if you decide to find out for yourself.

If you’re new to WordPress and/or Internet Marketing, you are going to benefit a lot from studying with Power Blogging 101. I consider myself highly proficient in Marketing using WordPress and I still learnt several things from this course.

Thank you Logan, fantastic work man!

Sergio Felix, Power Blogging 101 Student

Thank you for being so generous with your knowledge/experience.

Watching even just the first couple of lectures has taught me practical tips that I know I will be able to use straightaway. Thank you for presenting the material in an accessible way and for making this course available freely.

Olga Bereziuk, WordPress Advantage student

A wonderful introduction to WordPress…Perfect for everybody how needs a quick introduction to WordPress. Thanks Logan.

Lukas Horat , WordPress Advantage student

Extremely Impressive!

Wow! I have watched a lot of technology videos and was extremely impressed with this video course by Logan Wenger. He was extremely well spoken, the information was straight to the point, and he nailed the information in every single lecture. Extremely impressive!

Brittin Fisher, WordPress Advantage student

Great Job!

The presenter is obviously knowledgeable and passionate about his topic. This makes for a great listening and learning experience. The matter was also presented in a lively fashion that was not conducive to yawning and falling asleep. A lot of information can be and was passed along during the presentation. Great Job!

Edward Jones , WordPress Advantage student

I had wanted to setup a WordPress site for some time. I read a few websites, skimmed a few books, watched a few videos, but none of them did the job.

It was this course that gave me the skills and the motivation and I now have my WordPress blog up and running. I did find myself coming back and replaying select videos to help step me through a few of the trickier steps.

Really enjoyed the course, looking forward to taking his next course.

Larry Sweet , WordPress Tutorials student